Grazhdanskaya Oborona - (Russian Field Experiments) LP (RESTOCKED)

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"Songs 1988–89 My best album. My exorbitant level of JUMP above my own head is the title track. Several songs (“Tops and Roots”, “Lobotomy.” “Take the Overcoat”) arose under the impression, understanding and experience of the suicide of our former guitarist - Dimka Selivanov.
“Like a Rolling Stone” in the original is the most famous powerful anthem of the youth radical movements of the mid-60s, timely created by Bob Dylan."

"This is perhaps the most uncompromising, “non-profit” work of GO (and in general the production of GroB Records along with the activities of our parallel project “Communism” with Kuzma), especially with regard to such albums of the latter as “Laughing Gas”, “Satanism”, “Playing airplanes. " In general, it is difficult to draw a clear dividing line between the work of these two groups - songs written for one moved to the other and vice versa, common “industrial” and noise substrates, phonograms, effects were used.
The initial idea was to create an unprecedented flurry of post-punk, non-functional drums with exotic patterns, the squeal of doubled or even built-up guitars, a thick clean bass that walks of its own accord, and voices / voices, the most brutal, beyond the foul side compressed analog microphones and the level of general recording . Intricate instruments were also used (the “six-string bass” - Gibson with six bass strings, which are a strange arrangement of strings, the magic box of Trockelmittel, the use of various rings - mainly vinyl, as well as manipulations with speakers and speeds). The result was this opus, which, admittedly, sounds pretty naive and fresh to me now, but I still don’t find anything in 1989 by the degree of uncompromising spirit of ROCK-N-ROLL.
“I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANARCHY” - was written under the impression of the slogan of my Novosibirsk-Academic friend Igor Ragulin. He even performed with him at the first Tyumen punk festival with us.
“TAKE THE CHINEL” - exists in six versions, three fast and three slow, all of which are present on these publications.
“MY DEFENSE” - exists in two different versions, with and without noise effects.
“SONG ABOUT LENIN” - arose as a kind of abstract discourse about the degree of its vitality, let’s say, but my Novosibirsk avant-garde friend Sasha Kuvshinov gave a thorough and convincing proof that “THAT IS ALIVE” - for everything that is around, inside, and even everything that the essence is we are all HE.
Numerous clumsy versions of “RIFT” are a way to learn a game as quickly as possible with the recorder turned on, but what was sung even better than in the original is unique, so we decided to leave it.
“AS SOMETHANE”, “TOPs”, “LOBOTHY” were originally written for the project “Communism” “The game of airplanes”.
“EVERYTHING IS WRONG THAT” - there was no way to achieve the best option, so there are so many takes.
During the recording of the “Russian Field of Experiments” in the second part (“Behind the opened door ...”) there was a certain electric (energy? ..) leap in the entire reproducing and recording system - because we cannot explain it in any other way - the guitar slightly shifted sound. We did not stop recording. They wrote live from one take."

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