Grazhdanskaya Oborona - (Armageddon Pops) LP (RESTOCKED)

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"This is perhaps the most uncompromising, “non-profit” work of GO (and in general the products of GrOb-Records along with the activities of our parallel project “Communism” with Kuzma), especially with regard to such albums of the latter as “Laughing Gas”, “Satanism”, “The Game on airplanes. ” In general, it is difficult to draw a clear dividing line between the work of these two groups - songs written for one moved to the other and vice versa, common “industrial” and noise substrates, phonograms, effects were used. Ideas finally.

This is the highest peak of brutal sound impudence, aggression at that time, an attempt to achieve maximum uncomfortability, digestibility for the average listener. On the one hand, it was a risk of losing the audience, on the other, the opportunity to finally find YOURSELF. True, genuine, ideological, cutting. Based on the above concept, the recording was made with maximum violations of sound standards - direct separation of channels, voice recorded with deliberate overload, recessed, “smeared” percussion, whistling guitars, all kinds of atonal noise and rumble.

At that time, the group consisted of three regular members - me (voice, guitars, bass, noises), Kuzma Ryabinov (guitars, bass, voice, noises) and Arkashi Klimkin (drums, rehearsals). Plus at concerts, as a rule, an external guitarist is invited.

The whole recording took place in three stages - drums and a “rough” guitar were written over three days, July 17-19, 1989 in St. Petersburg at the Auktsion point. Then the blanks were “achieved” in Omsk in August and in September the final record was made. In the final part, during the vocals and noise effects, Janka and Seryoga Zelensky, the guitarist of her group, joined us for singing and studio assistance.

Bonuses are alternative duplicates recorded during this session, which were subsequently included in the collection “The train left”, as well as previously unreleased materials of that period (1989-beginning of 1990). In addition, demo tracks from a completely unreleased St. Petersburg bootleg "Pohui-Nakhui" (conditional name)."

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