Gouka - (Japanese title) 1993-2007 2xCD

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Official Description:
Unbeknown to the quiet city of Morioka, GOUKA’s DEADLY NOISE BLASTING HARDCORE PUNK rests like a chest full of treasure. The members have moved on to play in a band called Rappa, but the full discography of the original “GOUKA" will be released here.
Put simply, they play hardcore that roars, yet simplifying their sound would be a lie to their actual sound. Tempos sprint and bounce with an untamed ferocity. The guitars and bass rampage through a scenery saturated with intentional noise. Vocals rage at the frontline, spitting out fingerprinted lyrics, never to be swallowed by the instrumentals. The music is undeniably rooted in D-BEAT, but it has flowered into something with a hint of “something else.” That something’s name remains unknown, as though naming it would be foolish—something GOUKA knew when creating their music.
All 50 songs of GOUKA’s discography ranging from their appraised 12 inch “Program” to their preciously hidden cassettes, have been remastered and recorded onto this set of 2 CDs.

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