God's America/Grin and Bear It split 12"

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(Negative Outlook, Mullet Death Records, Mother Funk Yourself)

Two bands on one side of a 12" record.

God's America are totally pulverizing here, they've reached a new plateau of quality since their first LP. Meeeaaannn riffs drenched in feedback and set to hyperspeed drums, backing dual vocals that perform the utmost in brutality without falling into any comic hyperbole. Just perfect shit, if you like short/fast/heavy music. New EP on SPHC coming....soon.

Grin and Bear It are slightly less heavy and slightly more lean/efficient in their approach to grind. Frantic arrangements with the tight musicianship to pull it off, like a coin flipped and landing on its edge. They also have that certain kind of pleasing scooped guitar tone that I feel like every grind band has in a post-Assuck world. Good shit. 

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