God's America - Merge with the Infinite LP

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In short: First LP by Las Vegas' pride and joy, and not only is this far and away their best record yet, I'd probably rank this as my favorite grindcore release of the year.

More than anything else, I like punk bands with personality and vision. I dig genre exercise bands when they are good at what they do (or genres that I like), but even more, I like bands that have their own informed and aware way of doing things. Bands that sound like they know what the fuck they're doing.

God's America is a great example of that, for kind of playing this middle road of grindcore, modern hardcore (see: their prior record is on A389), and fast hardcore. They navigate these ideas to produce a totally seamless and cohesive vision of fast and brutal punk music, match that to their instantly recognizable aesthetic and you've got a GREAT band.

They've always wow'd me in a live setting but this LP makes me see this band in a whole new light, with their best songs and strongest production to date. They've been working hard, refining their style (power violence influence here is stronger than ever), improving their craft, getting better with every release, and now they've jumped into a whole new stratum of quality.

Color me label jealous.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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