Gendo Ikari - Unit 1 EP

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(Mind Ripper Collective)

This came onto my radar by chance as "a cool band that sounds just like Discordance Axis", and I gave it a listen because Evangelion + grind is always a good combination for me (also because I LOVE Discordance Axis and feel like it's rare that bands sound like that anymore).
To my pleasant surprise, this does sound a lot like Discordance Axis, with its quick and hectic arrangements, evocative and abstract and vaguely technical guitar work, relentless drumming, screeching's a little more grounded in metal/metalcore than DA, which perhaps means I should say it's "more than just a DA clone", normally I would say that's a bad thing but Gendo Ikari keep everything moving at a brisk pace so even these parts don't last long enough to get tedious or boring.
Anyway I thought this record was fucking FANTASTIC, and I tried to buy one in the USA, and it's feasible I could just be living under a rock but I don't think anybody is selling it here? So I bought a handful from the band, one for myself and the rest for my wonderful countrymates, have at it.

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