Gasp - Stardonas EP

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Official Description:
All good things take time. GASP in this case have taken sixteen years to emerges from the chrysalis and are back with three intense psychedelic powerviolence/hardcore/grindcore mayhem of what you might call songs but are more dirges you don't want to end. Those unfamiliar with the band, they conquered the west coast in the 90's and did splits with some choice bands like NOOTHGRUSH, SUFFERING LUNA, VOLUME 11, and DEERHOOF. The sound is completely unpredictable, like a ride through Alice in Wonderland but if you were on a really bad trip. Maybe more of a Willy Wonka boat ride where you weave in the beautify scenery before and after but are absolutely terrified for the trip in between. This is not a record to miss out on.

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