Disturd/AI - Walk split CD

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Official Description:
Kobe's METAL CRUST "DISTURD" and Kitakyushu hardcore male "Malicious -AI-" make a loud roaring powerful split CD !! Released from the independent label GRIND BIRD operated by DISTURD members !! DISTURD 3 songs, malicious -AI- 3 songs in total 6 songs !! Digipack specification !!
ex-ZYANOSE DISTURD which will be the first studio sound source after joining as a drummer or Mr. Iriel !! Roaring sound with thick and aggressive sound of jet black !! A masterpiece of dirty metallic crust hardcore !! And the malicious intention that will be the first new sound source in 17 years -AI- is the first studio sound source that Mr. Kenta of the current END OF POLLUTION joined !! Rough Japanese hardcore Is tough and intense! Hardcore fans are a must-listen!

Finally realized, Kansai is the 2020 SPLIT CD by Kobe Metallic Crusty Hardcore Punk DISTURD and Kitakyushu Hardcore Punk Male, Satoshi AI!
DISTURD's independent label Grind Bird Records released!
Both groups started to get along with each other after co-starring in the From The Darkside Tour Kyushu edition performed by DISTURD in the summer of 2012!
DISTURD, who is from Tsuyama and is currently based in Kobe, contains a total of 3 songs including 2 old songs remakes and 1 new song, which will be the first studio recording sound source after ex-ZYANOSE Iriel joined as a drummer!
The sound that is heavier than any other sound source so far is metallic, but the jet-black dirty DISTURD sound that crushes and rushes violently explodes!
The last new song "Walk", which is also the title of this SPLIT CD, will let you hear a new phase that is a bit different from the previous DISRURD!
The following evil AI intention is the first studio sound source since the current END OF POLLUTION Kenta joined the drummer as a new sound source for the first time in 17 years since the previous work "Ain't No Slaves" EP, all new songs are also all Includes 3 songs!
The crazy and hot rushing AI intention sound that does not make you feel the flow at that time is of course still alive here, paying attention to the poetic lyrics that slash the reality and yourself to the point of Mr. Vo Koide's pain. is!
The illustration of the digipak jacket is by DISTURD bassist Nassan072!
The strongest release of hardcore punk esprit by two groups who do not know compromise! !!
text by jacky (FRAMTID / revenge records)

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