Dishonorable Discharge/Peacebastard split 7"

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Official Description:
Two of Eurospe's best hardcore punk bands share this EP. To me, both bands bring back the best musical aspects of the 90s (yes, there were some). I am not talking about skinny kids, free of animal products and full of self-hate spending entire gigs on their knees. In front of a crowd of kids with their arms crossed, and with backpacks. I am talking about punk bands that played fast, angry and rough hardcore punk in front of a raging, soap-free crowd. The split EP was the format of choice for that kind of band and time. But there are few splits that combine two bands that are equally good. This one has. So this "Dishonorable Bastard" EP is the first split release on HeartFirst in 20 years. DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE (from Oslo, Norway) have already released two 7" EPs and a 12" called "Nightmare Visions E.P.", one of the best records of 2012 (released on VEX in the US and self-released by the band in Norway). PEACEBASTARD (from Berlin) also have two EPs out and are currently working on their first LP. The songs on here are from the same session that brought their "Global Crisis" EP on HeartFirst. Members of both bands have a long list of ex- and current bands that I will not mention here. This EP rages from start to finish, as you already know if you are familiar with both band's previous offerings. Three songs from DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE and two (plus an intro) by PEACEBASTARD. 

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