Discarga Violenta - Cedia EP

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Official Description:
Violent discarga arose in the 1980s, more precisely in 1988, in the city of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, in the northeast of this land called Brazil.
The band, collective, gang, group, was formed with the proposal of being a tool of dialogue and action about their political and cultural positions, going far beyond the simple proposal of having a band, going beyond the music universe, even using music as a weapon.
Violent discharging inspires with its lyrics and way of expressing themselves, inspired by the sincerity, simplicity and truth with which they build their lives.
Cendiá, third EP of Discarga Violenta, is the continuity of this way of living, it is a step after the Cosmopolitan and Dada, (his first two EPs) and after the collections that participated and organized.
Cendiá brings 15 pamphlets, shouted and full of love for hate. A beautiful art, full of colors like the proposed fire.
Free beings, Flocked, who announces himself, who makes noise, who shines,
When the war song echoes:
Let's cendiá

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