Cyanamid - This is Hell - A NJ Hardcore Anthology LP+CD

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In short: Complete recordings of these legends of American shit-fi hardcore music. Get schooled.

Official description: 1984.. the band that played faster than anyone else in the world, with proto-grindcore blast beats running way faster than Siege, Repulsion or early D.R.I...  They only left a devastating 7? called “Stop the world” and few tracks on the “NJ got it?“Compilation LP and were mentioned among the early Agathocles influences or by few maniacs in the tape-trading circles searching for the craziest and most radical sonic atrocities. We’re talking of the legendary Cyanamid!!!  Quoting Erich Keller (Fear Of God / Off The Disk): “Cyanamid were probably one of the most influential bands of the 80s – but nobody knows it. When I still was heavily into that “can’t get enuff of noise” mood, Cyanamid blew me away and definitely wanted me to start my own thing. The kids sometimes forget that there were basically two paths leading to that “Grindcore” thing – one from the metal side and this was the other one. Everything about their “Stop the world” 7? is the way it should be – the sound smokes, the songs are either outbursts of chaos and energy or then they come crawlin’ in a FLIPPERish way”.

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