Born Wrong - self-titled LP

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In short: Last will and testament of this bizarrely underrated, off-the-radar Canadian hardcore band. I booked Born Wrong twice in Baltimore over the years and both times they blew my fucking mind and cracked my brain into little tiny pieces. A tasteful blending of USHC and 90's mettalic hardcore, like Direct Control covering Rorschach or something like that, played with enough energy and conviction to power the entire country of Canada on their own (I cannot emphasize enough how good this band was live). One of the better bands of recent years and I am sad to see them go. But this record is easily their best work, best songs with the best performance captured by best recording, so it's a good way to remember them.

In my mind, I file them with bands like Confusione (Italy), Drift Age (Japan), Suffer Damage (Belgium), etc, bands that you didn't know released some of the best records in the game....but they did.


They went on to play in No Blues who also blow my fucking mind and crack my brain into little tiny pieces and they've got a slew of records coming on SPHC.

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