Boom Boom Kid – El Disco Del Otoño LP

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In short: The Kid never disappoints. One of my Top 3 Favorite Bands of ALL TIME. Because he's such an intensely creative and prolific songwriter, BBK dropped 4 new albums in short succession in 2017, first on CD and then these vinyl versions dropping throughout 2017 and 2018. Like most Ugly Records releases, they unfortunately didn't get any meaningful American distribution (none that I'm aware of at least) so it's with EXTREME joy that we finally got a few for the distro.
If you got the Greatest Hits LP we did years ago, you know BBK really runs the gamut of styles, from singer/songwriter acoustic to dynamic pop-punk to weird bedroom beats to rampaging basement hardcore. Most of the albums are a seemingly random assortment of recordings and ideas, a journey through the mind and person of one of the most insanely creative people I've ever encountered.
This LP is a bit more straight-forward by comparison, since it's clearly all from the same recording session. Some pop-punk, some mood music, some sensitive pop songs. The soundtrack to your autumn melancholy, watch the leaves fluttering to the ground while "Augurio En Phi" is playing and maybe things will seem a little better.

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