Bastard Noise - No Human Mercy EP

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(Jerk Off Records, Rat Girl Records)

In short: Latest and greatest of American experimental legends.

Official Description:
With the expanded line-up of Saira Huff (ex-DETESTATION/QUESTION), Anthony Saunders and founding member Wood, BASTARD NOISE bring you their brand new and easily their best recording in over 10 years : "NO HUMAN MERCY" Four scathing, nitroglycerin fueled "INSECT WAR ELECTRONICS" and dual vocal assault compositions carefully recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Rozon describing the socially haunting irreversible shit mechanism that IS "inhumanity." A new level in extreme experimental sound warfare. Features some of the best Morbid Mark cover art in his long history as an underground artist extraordinaire. A MUST HAVE release! 

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