Band of Accuse - Memento Mori EP

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(Imminent Destruction Records)

Official Description:
3 track debut 7 vinyl release by Japanese Hardcore Crust Punks BAND OF ACCUSE.
300 pressing on transparent purple wax with lyrics printed in both Japanese and English.
Socially and politically aware, the lyrics to these songs are some of the most thoughtful and well written since the days of CRASS.
Hailing from Fukushima, Japan, they portray a unique insight into the reality of a nuclear disaster and the devastation it causes to nature and human life.
The music is as haunting as it is aggressive and composed with the spirit of protest and resistance.
One of the outstanding bands from Japan currently and for a long time since.
Fans of Crow, Acrostix, Life, Acid, Amebix, will definitely appreciate this.
Over a year in the making, Imminent Destruction is proud to release this 7? in partnership with NARM DISCOS and Japanese customers are to purchase from them.

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