Balladmen – Dear Old-Fashioned Rhythm LP

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(Debauch Mood)

In short: New band by The Because folks. Bluesy garage punk, smooth and soulful.

Official description:
About 7 years old. BLUES PUNK + DANGEROUS MELLOW RHYTHM's `` thorough '' radical musicality, poker face and peaceful, but music and sound images that continue to burn in the turbulence of bringing everything back to the alley have been refined Along with the words, in the “conclusion” that interprets from the prewar days to the present day, it is boldly raised as a sail. “JAPANESE SWINGIN 'NIHILISTIC R & B PUNK GROUP“ BALLADMEN ”” The first full album “Dear Old-Fashioned Rhythm” (LP) ver. Completed at the end of the darkness will be released from DEBAUCH MOOD. This work contains 10 songs in total. Although there are many backgrounds of activities in the past, the existence of a band in which dark ensembles continue in a unique manner and advanced technique while overwriting everything is deeply stained. Boogie's relief and deep undulations that hurt them momentarily are expressed giving passionate separation to the certain performance of each part. To build them, the OLD / OLD shows off the style, but sharpened the style at one point. The continuation of the gt / vo has a high originality, and the overflow of multidimensional and pleasure that can only be compared to a genius It is a real ensemble by the new ba trio that became the liver of a complete band rather than an exaggeration by joining and active in this work, and a guest player (ex- brigade Mr. Msumi Nishii (percussion) ), Mr. Sunny Boya (Harmonica) of Borokichi) The detailed arrangement is engraved as more impulsive with the cooperation of both parties.
It is always spoken, including the alleged Howlin 'Wolf, Willie Dixon's drawing, Professor Longhair, and everything into a crucible of rule of thumb, with some sort of minimal chaos, including the darkened Paul Weller. (Coltrane / Charles Mingus / Wes Montgomery etc ..) Resonates to the medulla.
Aside. Smoky and howling, the first song “Back In My Town”, where the throat with the scene lay between the swing and the bop. The charm of the band overflows instantly and one by one, and the surplus texture continues to be overwhelmingly shown as the amount of information. While entangled with the width and ugliness of PUB ROCK hooked up like a swell and the image that humans at the time enlarged to the dreams and outside culture that had danced over the last few years from the end of Japan, The brilliant 100% BLUES PUNK MUSIC will continue, mixing solids that will break them instantly. From the music that reminds us of the background as an extension line while reminiscent of the early days of BALLADMEN activities, it is full of satisfaction that is transmitted every time the board is rotated to the obvious `` shake-off '' until the present, the stop is the standard number `` Aside is beaten with symbolism in the cover of “SUMMER TIME”. And the first Bside shot, the urge of the title song “Dear Old-Fashioned Rhythm” and the intensity of all the matches mentioned above, still determined the impact of the band, and then the ultimate ballad and Ronnie Self “Home In” It flows into the biting cover of My Hand. And the last will continue to expand to the full recording time, as if the charm is shaken, to the alternative interpretation of the changing ball, scene Old Blues Country music. 2/3 members have their roots in Ise City, Mie Prefecture (currently moved to Tokyo and moved to Tokyo), and have already started from their youth as `` Do not repeat, do not look back, do not admire the world '' creative desire and training The “talent” that was built by, shows a shine even further under the fulfillment that both self and others recognize by joining the current new members.
A great album where all of their lives were regrettable. Pre-war PUNK and POST HARDCORE's fictitious missing link was struck in 2017 as if it were "here", and it will continue to be more realistic and memory will continue to be overwritten with shocking LIVE Let's go. * Jacket design: Date Tsutomu Illustrator living in Kyoto. He is active in several styles such as print-style works like this one and pop illustrations. This time, it was created by telling Date the lyrics of Dear Old-Fashioned Rhythm, the band's title song, and creating it in a picture. He loves movies and is in charge of flyers for Kyoto's DJ event “Party to Play Dense Songs”.

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