Agathocles/Paucities split 7"

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(Jerk Off Records etc)

Official Description:
AG on this do whirlwind tornado mince-noise-attack with tons of short songs! Paucities returns with another round of 90's inspired mince. Recorded during the harshest Chicago winter in nearly 3 decades, Paucities teams up with Agathocles for the second time (the two mincers did a split LP in 2011 on Haunted Hotel and DAS) to bring forth true, DIY mincing grind devastation. Split Label with Jerk Off Records, Grindfather, Inverted Inhumation, Geet, Crescent Fresh Sounds, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Death, Agony, & Screams, and Ratgirl Records. Limited to 500 copies. 400 on Black Vinyl. 100 on White Vinyl.

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