Accidente/Duelo split 7"

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In short: Accidente is my favorite in the game. Duelo play fast and loose straight-up hardcore.

Official description:
Accidente and Duelo have combined forces to manifest their ten year friendship and deliver this wonderful little piece of vinyl. Both bands come from Madrid / Getafe - and both bands immediatly found their way deep into my heart. There aren't many bands playing music with such a passion and message as these two do. Punk is more than just music, it's about solidarity, DIY, friendship, fighting and struggling for a better future in this shitty world. Both bands with three news songs (incl. one cover of the other). 
Accidente play Punkrock with intense melodies and wonderful female vocals. If i would be dancing, I'd be dancing to this all summer night long… - Duelo play a more hardcore style of Punkrock with great lyrics and that certain indefinable something, that catched me immediatly, when i first heard their stuff.

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